Factors Affecting The Price of Pre-owned Cars

Buying a car entails a lot of research regarding body type, mileage, fuel type and type of usage.  While buying a preowned car is certainly cheaper, price still does matter. Depending on the body type, manufacturers and other criteria, the price of a used car in Bangalore can start from approximately  Rs. 1 lakh and rises thereon.

While buying a pre-owned car, one is always worried about getting swindled.  Sellers may peg the car at a higher price than what it is worth, repainting may be done to hide damages, or certain facts about the car may be hidden from the buyer to increase the chances of a sale. Therefore, it is important to know about the potential additional price to be paid as well as the various modes of payment to ensure that the buyer is not fleeced.

Mode of Payment

Price of used car in Bangalore can be set according to the model, body type, and how old the car is.  Based on the mode of payment, the buyer may or may not have to pay interest. If they are paying in cash then there will not be any additional charges. However, if the buyer takes a loan then they’ll have to decide the tenure of the loan and the rate of interest, which will automatically result in an increase in prices.

Variation of Price Based on Sources of Purchase

While purchasing a pre-owned car, the consumer can look online on a number of sites that provide all the information necessary.  Here, however, chances of being cheated are high considering the buyer does not see the actual car, just pictures.

The buyer can look offline as well. To help them offline, there are unorganized dealers. The drawback of using such dealers is that they may charge the buyer extra for their services, as a commission.  Of course, there are organized dealerships like Mahindra FirstChoice that offer much more reliability than the unorganized brokers considering the authenticity.