How to Save Money on Necessary Bills and Keep Your Finances on Track

If you are like me, you might not feel like you are that informed when it comes to money and finances. There are so many different schools of thought out there regarding how you should be saving your money, how you should be investing your money, and how you should be spending your money. There is a lot of value in almost all of them but it is usually about your lifestyle and what feels like a priority to you. I can handle saving a little bit of money, and I am exceptionally good at be frugal in an attempt to not spend my money, but for the most part, I am against investing that money anywhere at this point in my life. I am not interested in investing because I actually need all my money to cover living expenses. I would say the number one way I keep my finances on track is by watching what I spend, and saving money wherever I can. I have gathered a few tips on the best ways to save money on necessary bills for you to enjoy below.

Save Money on Your Phone Bill

No matter what, everyone is going to tell you that their plan is the best plan for you. I have learned that the most savings usually come from AT&T. I would recommend shopping around the see where you can find the best bang for your buck, but they will all be mostly the same when you calculate different fees, the cost of a phone, your plan, etc. No one really has a home phone anymore so cell phones are the major focus of this one. However, if you have a home phone and aren’t interested in paying for a cell phone plan, you can always just get rid of it.

Repurpose Your Water

This tip will help you save money while you save the environment. I first learned about repurposing water when I was living in Oaxaca Mexico. The house I was staying in had a water tank that the woman I was renting with had to pay to have the water tank filled herself every time it emptied. In order to save cost on water when you live somewhere that you pay for it, you can put a big bowl in the bottom of your sink so that when you rinse dishes before using the soap, you can collect the extra water and use it for things like watering your garden, or rinsing your feet, or other things that you use water for but don’t require it to be clean.

Cut the Cable

These days, you can find almost any TV show or movie online. Sometimes you have to pay for a subscription service but for the most part, you can stream a lot of stuff for free. Even when you do have to pay for a subscription streaming service, it is often much cheaper than what you would be paying for regular cable service.